Ex-NBA Champ — I Saw Charles Oakley SLAP Charles Barkley In Face (AUDIO)

1/9/2017 1:18 PM PST

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Charles Oakley straight -up OPEN HAND SLAPPED Charles Barkley in the face during a 1999 off-the-court encounter … so says ex-NBA champ Chucky Brown.

In fact, Chucky says he watched the entire thing … and says Barkley got punked hard. 

Chucky gave the blow-by-blow on the “Jerseys & Dress Shirts” podcast with MJ and Dale “The Lawyer” … explaining how it unfolded in a hallway before an NBA player’s union meeting.

In case you didn’t know … Oakley and Barkley had bad blood for years. They famously fought on the court in a pre-season game in 1996.

Brown says Barkley refuses to acknowledge the incident. We’re reaching out to his reps anyway.

The entire interview airs January 13.

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